Natural Language Search

Search marketplace data using natural language search phrases

  • What was the most searched for item last week?
  • Who sold the most laptops in November?
  • What was the average selling price and selling rate for barbecue supplies in May 2009?

Marketplace Research

Analyze live and historical on-line marketplace data to achieve unprecedented insight into buyer preferences. Create personal watch lists for favorite products, categories, and sellers.

Seasonal Selling

Review historical data leading up to major holidays and events. Track high-demand items in the current season and watch as buying patterns emerge.

Product Trends

Track products and product categories over time. Predict peaks and valleys based on supply and demand.

Virtual Seller

Create a virtual selling account to try different selling strategies. Pick product categories, manage virtual stock, and estimate revenues.

Price Trends

Research the current market value of any product in the marketplace. Establish personal selling targets and sell-success rates.

Seller History

Study competing sellers and gain insight in to their strategies. See past seller pricing data including sale type and success rate.